This is what I use on my face daily. Looks quite a lot, but it isn't that much and it still looks natural! I'll give you a closer look and I'll tell you what my 3 favorite things are at the moment… 

What you probably see is budget make up tools. I'm not that into make up and if it looks natural and clean I don't need those expansive brands because I wouldn't enjoy it to the fullest I guess. 

My three favorites of this moment are: 

CATRICE cosmetics Prime and fine anti-red base 
This is a soft green primer base to make all the redness in your face disappear. Mostly in school weeks when I have to get up early I got this red forehead and cheeks and this makes it disappear in like 2seconds. It's also oil-free so perfect for my skin.

CATRICE cosmetics eyebrow set
This eyebrow set comes with two different shades with an apply brush and a tweezer. It's a good pigmented powder. In the week I use the lighter version but whenever I go out I'll take the darker one because it gives a little extra touch. Eyebrows have such a big effect on your face! 

MAYBELLINE Fit me liquid foundation
On weekends I use a foundation, other wise when going to school I'll just apply a BB cream. I'm a light skin type so finding a foundation isn't that easy because a foundation is for making your skin even and smooth but not for a darker skin color. But when I found this one in almost the lightest form I found out it has a great coverage. It's easy in the hand and with a great primer it doesn't absorb in your face.

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