Hi lovies, today I'm here with a new diy project! I actually really enjoy making things. Because when it's finished and you like the end result  you can be so proud of yourself, best feeling ever if you ask me. By the title you can figure out what I made and I love it! More information, explanation and the guide you  can find if you read the whole article. Are you diy-ing with me? 

So to start the story, I'm kinda obsessed with sweaters. They are easy to throw on and make every look comfy and great with a nice necklace for example. But what I find boring is always the same neutral sweaters with no extra touch. So a few months ago I was shopping and I stopped by Zara and saw this purple sweater with furry arms. I thought ' what an amazing idea' but I found it overpriced and the color purple is not made for me. So I shopped myself a bit later an oversized black sweater at Zara for only 6euros and I made it myself but a bit different. But enough talking, back to business. 

What do you need:
  • A sweater you like to pimp
  • Needle and thread 
  • Faux fur fabric 

Step one: You need to measure the length you will need for both sleeves. But remember you have to turn back the part you cut ( picture will show later) so take a few extra centimeters. 

Step two: I turned the outer pieces around like you can see. I marked the middle of the faux fur to compare with my sweater. Because of this the faux fur fabric will be in the middle of your sleeve. 

Step three: Now sew the top and bottom part onto your sleeve using needle and threat. To have a guideline for the rest of your sleeve. 

Step four: Now the real deal. You see that the borders are loose. Flip them over and attach with pins (right picture) because when sewing it onto your sleeve you don't want the borders of your fabric hanging out if you know what I mean. 

Repeat every step on both sides and sleeves. Don't go to fast so it doesn't look clumsy. It does take some time because you can't really do this with a sewing machine but it pays of if you take the time and energy to do it manually. 

What do you think? Something for you? 

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  1. Heel gaaf!! Ziet er makkelijk uit, misschien toch ooit proberen ;)

  2. Super leuke manier van je sweater een upgrade geven! :) x Frederique - FAB le Frique

  3. Waah, super koel gedaan! Vind het ook echt een super leuk effect geven. Als ik een keer een middagje niks te doen heb ga ik het zeker eens proberen! <3