I'm so happy when writing this post today. Why? Well after 3 weeks of waiting and continuous checking the adidas site my personalized Adidas Stan smith shoes arrived! Want to have a closer look on these pretty shoes and do you want to know the extra touch I added? Well, keep on reading you guys.

I choose for a deep snake skin pattern and the shoe totally white with of course my black touch (duuuuh) I know this kind of shoe was a hype last summer and that's why I haven't bought them before because I'm not into buying shoes that everyone has. But now I saw these on Pinterest but couldn't find them online or in any store. So I had to make them myself. Kinda fun actually. 

Here you can have a closer look to the 'Ponyhair' Oh and can you spot the extra touch already? You can see it better on the picture below… It has something to do with my name… 

Yes I chose to put my name inside my shoe because I thought I designed them myself so why not give it my signature and a fun aspect if you ask me. What do you think of these new sneakers of mine?

Because I got a lot of question of where I bought them. I bough them on the official site here . And you click on ' customize with miadidas ' 

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