I went to Primark this week and I shopped some lovely items that I want to show you! Are you curious? Well let's have a look! 

In the beginning of December Primark opened another shop in Belgium. In Brussels to be more specific. I was so excited because it's so much closer now. But when seeing all those people on the first day my first thought was ' where do all these people come from?' They were with so many. So I decided to wait a while before shopping there myself. Why? Well even weeks after the opening there were lines before you could enter. No not lines where you wait 10minutes but lines where you have to wait for over an hour until you could go in. For me that's not worth the wait so when I went to Brussels this week with my boyfriend we saw that there we no line so I took my chance and went shopping  3months after the opening for the first time in the Primark in Brussels. But I didn't bought that much because it was so crowded and because they don't really had my size for example. But, I'm happy with what I got and I can't wait to show you in an outfit soon! 

First thing is this loose white blouse with half sleeves. Perfect to brighten up my black outfits right ;) Also a great pointer is that it doesn't really wrinkle! You also had it in bright summery colors, black and khaki. I think I'll get another color soon! This was 9€

I'm not that kind of person for small and fine necklaces because I always thought it didn't look good on me. But when I saw this one I really loved it, the simplicity and it was only €2, so I had to take this with me! 

When I was standing at the checkout we all know that there are so much stuff still to take with you. From bags to hair ties to…. candles! This candle is huge and for €3 I had to take it with me because my candle in my room was just finished. Oh and I almost forgot, it smells A-mazing! 

You can't really see the coat at his best but you can imagine something with it right? Yes again black but it's a light coat when it won't be this cold. With 3/4 sleeves. This was €28 at least I thought, when I looked on my ticket when I stepped out of the primark I saw that the coat was now 15! That's even better!  

Last but definitely not least say hello to my new shoes! Aren't they beautiful? And that for only €9, yes only 9! I can't wait for better weather and sunshine!

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  1. De jas en schoenen zijn zoooo mooi! Ik moet dringend eens langsgaan bij de Primark zo te zien! :)

  2. Leuke items heb je gescoord ik ben vooral fan van je jas!

  3. Leuk chick! Ik heb zelf een beetje met Primark-aankopen. Ergens heb ik het geduld niet door de rommel/drukte! X liefs