Yesterday for valentine my boyfriend and I wanted to go to Maastricht. His first time there! Want to know more about where we went and what we wore? Valentine's day is mostly commercial for me. Because you should show the person you love them every day and not only on the 14th. But it's a great day to do a little extra for the person you love. 

We started the day with some shopping (of course). I bought this beige long coat in Maastricht. The thing was that I love black. Everybody knows that so no big shock. So I was looking for a coat like this in… black haha. When I saw this coat hanging in a shop they had the colors: black, dark grey and beige. I tried the dark grey one first but actually wanted the black one. But my boyfriend made me try the beige and eventually I bought the beige one without trying the black coat on. Why no black? Well, my boyfriend told me that I have a lot of black and that some color is nice and that black is easy to combine and an easy color to go with. Beige on the other hand is a little bit of a challenge for me. But I have to admit. I love the coat and the color! Good job to the boyfriend! 

For our lunch we went to ' Lunch&zo' 
Great for a delicious lunch where the food is plated really beautiful. The eye wants something to, right? I would totally recommend this if you go to Maastricht! They are very friendly to.

Sint Amorsplein 2

Last but not least we went for a little drink right before we left. And why not ending the day in a totally different style you are used to? 'Café zondag' is the place to be to end your day!

Wycker Burgstraat 42 

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