A new week means a new diy-project. I'm a fan of little jars to put a lot of stuff in but most of the time I find them plain and not so pretty. That's why I pimped these little jars. Want to know how to make it and how you can interoperate in your own style? Keep on reading  you guys!

What do you need 

  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • 2 jars that you like 
  • Lace fabric or like I used lace border to apply on furniture 

Step one: Cut your fabric or any kind of lace material you use the right length. Make sure to cut is a little to long so you won't have to worry that it would be to shirt at the end.

Step 2: Now put some glue onto the jar not to much so it doesn't drip. Now lay the lace onto the jar and press it firmly. I used a make up sponge I found to press it against the jar. This actually worked really well! Let it dry and there you go!

Here you have my result. I needed a little jar to put my make up tools in so I find this so cute and prettier with the lace. You can also decorate it with other fabrics or prints. This is totally your choice! 

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