I'm very busy working on a lot of diy-projects. Today I'm here with an earring. So easy, simple but it still gives a statement at least I think so. I made this long pearl earring in under 10minutes. So if you're curious or you have beads at home that you like to use. Now its time to use them! 

What do you need 

  •  Little beads, I chose the classic white pearls in a little bigger version. But this is totally your choice!

  • Two 'nietstiften' I don't know how you call it in english. Sorry!

Step one: Add the amount of beads that you like. I added 4 beads on each side. But I also made one with 6. It depends on how big your beads are and how big you want your earring to be. 

Step two: Make a corner of 90°, I made this corner using my table but if you want to be more precise you can use a pair of pincers. Now make another 90° corner and after that one of 45°. You can see what I mean on the picture below. This is to make sure that your earring will not fall down. 

 Step three: You'll notice when you put the earring in that the back will be a little to long. Like you can see on the picture. When this is the case with you, just cut the rest off and make the corners again. Easy isn't it? 

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  1. Wat een superleuk idee! Hoe makkelijk is het eigenlijk om al die dingetjes zelf te maken he..

  2. Echt een tof idee! Ga het ook een keer proberen! X