Hi there, a new weeks asks for a new diy-project. Right? Now I'm a person who loves wearing statement necklaces on a plain white shirt. But sometimes I want something different. And I saw these 'necklaces' for your shirts, you can attach them on your collar. So I kinda made my own version. So easy and you can make it in different styles, different stones,… I say YES to this little diy. Want to make something like this to? Keep reading I would say!

What do you need

  • Strong glue
  • One pear of empty ear studs
  • Two rhinestones that you like ( I picked large ones that came from a broken bracelet, but it's whatever you like)

Step 1 & 2: Put some glue onto a cardboard piece that you don't need anymore. This comes in handy so you can dose the amount of glue you need. Push the ear studs into the glue and place them in the centre of the rhinestone.

You get something like this. Now wait until it's totally dry. I left it for a night but that's because I'm clumsy and I intent to break things haha. 
Now all you have to do it pin it on your collar of the shirt you want and there you go! A basic shirt with a little extra touch! 

I hope you liked this easy diy. This is just a basic diy that you can interpret in your own way and make it how you would like to. 

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