Probably the first thing that pops in your head is 'Oh god, so many earrings'. Well you're right, if you count them I will discuss 16 pairs of earrings. That sounds a lot, but trust me you will be shocked when I tell you that I only paid €14,60 for everything. Have I made you curious?;) 

Now to start, I bought everything on Aliexpress. You probably have heard about this website and if you don't I will give you a quick explanation. 

Aliexpress is an Asian website where you can buy like everything you can imagine. Even the most ridiculousness things ever. You will find a lot of the same things with different prices. That's because aliexpress contains many different sellers and they can decide on the price. Important thing is to always check the amount of 'stars' a product has (the more stars the more positive feedback of that product). Sometimes you can even see pictures of the product that costumers have bought, really handy! An even more important fact is that once you begin shopping on this site, you can't stop! Trust me. 

Now back to the earrings. I adore special earrings that not everybody has. So I'm quite busy looking for them. When someone introduced me to this website I went straight to the earring-part of this site. So I bought me a few, haha ' a few' lol. Also a positive point (at least for me) is that the earrings aren't heavy at all, so no neck or head pain anymore! You can find more detailed pictures underneath with also the link to the earrings where I bought them. Maybe there will be a pair that you can't buy from that seller anymore, but don't worry! You can find them from another seller for sure! I will also mention the price. 

Shipping from China can take a long time, but that's normal and the shipping is free so. The longest that I had to wait for my earrings was 2,5weeks, I think that's fast, sometimes you can wait over one month, but it depends on what you got. You also have a lot of options to pay your order, so you don't need a visa card or a paypal account, I find this great because everyone can order from it, no matter what card you have or haven't. 

Blue crystal earrings  I was super excited for these, they are not heavy at all. You also had them in other colors. Price: €1.40 

Eyelashes stud earring Great quality and every rhinestone is there so I was happy with that. Price:  €1.19

U - Shaped earring  For these I'm not super excited. The quality is not that great but it's not bad either. I asked for a white rhinestone but it's more gold I think, but it's still pretty and for the price I'm not going to be difficult. Price: €0.48

Daisy flower pearl earring  Happy me! Everyone knows the double pear earrings and this is a different version. You also had the flower in white. Quality is good. Price: €0.79

Pearl diamond earring  When I got these in the mail the pearl didn't enter the other part of the earring like it has to. But I made it myself and as you can see on the picture, I fixed it! Price: €1.57

Pearl earring The same with this one, but I also fixed it and now I can wear it. Only bummer is that you can see the glue on the bottom pearl. Price: 0.64

Heart shaped earring  Nothing bad to say about these, they are pretty! Price: €0.19 

3D triangle earring  I wear these a lot! I'm loving these with the 3D-dimension. Quality is amazing. 
Price: 1.85

Star stud earring  Happy with these but they don't really follow your ear, if you know what I mean? But you can't really expect everything. Quality is good. Price: €0.79

Diamond Pearl earring  So happy with these, they fit perfectly, couldn't be happier! Price: 0.98

Delicate little pearl  Nothing bad to say about this, looks fragile but isn't Price: €0.64

Long pearl earring  When I got these there was one pearl missing. But I had a bracelet that was broken and those pearls fitted in this earring. So I glue it into the earring and you don't see the difference, but I opened a dispute and got all my money back. So I fixed these earrings and din't pay anything for them! Double win. Price: €0.84

Infinity earring silver So happy with these and actually I was surprised. Because of the price I thought they wouldn't be this pretty. Price: €0.20

Bar pearl earring  Not so thrilled about these but they do look beautiful. Price: €0.72

Bar earring  You had different sized and colors. I took the short silver ones. I have them for over 2months now and they still look amazing. Price: €2.30

Criss cross pearl earring  I got them in silver and I'm so happy, they aren't heavy at all. Makes a great statement  Price: €0.72

If you guys like this sort of posts I will make another one, with for example my necklaces and other things I ordered. Let me know for sure! 

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  1. Wauw wat veel moois en dat voor zo weinig! Dat heb je goed gedaan :)

  2. Supermooie oorbellen! Ik wilde ook al eens daar bestellen maar durfde het niet zo goed, maar ga ik nu zeker doen!

  3. Wat een fijne post...
    Maar toch een klein vraagje nog. Zoek je op bepaalde sleutelwoorden? Want ik zie soms het bos door de bomen niet op Aliexpress, en dan geef ik de zoektocht vaak op. :)

    1. Oh dankje om te horen! En ja, ik zoek al op bepaalde sleutelwoorden. Als ik weet wat ik nodig heb! Ook kijk ik vaak haul filmpjes om zo ook leuke dingen te vinden! Groetjes