Another day, another treat. I love little snacks that are a bit different. It doesn't have to be healthy all the time so I made these delicious, easy bars. Don't they look delicious? They taste even better! Curious about the easy recipe? 

What do you need: 

65gram Rice krispies 

25gram of marshmallows, I used a bit more, but that's up to you. 

30gram of butter. 

Let's get started! 

  1. First take a square baking platter and put some baking paper into the platter 
  2. Take a little pan and let the butter melt.
  3. Add the marshmallows until they have completely melted. I used more pink marshmallows for a bit more color. But that's your choice. 
  4. When everything has melted take the pan of the griddle. 
  5. Now add the rice krispies and stir everything together. You will see that it begins to stick.
  6. Pour the mixture into the platter and press together.
  7. Last but not least, let it cool off for over an hour.
  8. I broke the mixture in smaller pieces but you can also cut it into squares. 

Now wasn't that easy? 

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  1. hhhhm, het ziet er echt heerlijk uit!
    Ik ga het binnenkort eens proberen!
    Liefs Iep