Spring is oficially here, but the weather isn't really.. But we can still fantasize about the perfect weather with a lot of sunshine, right? I'm a big fan of sequins but I still find it hard to combine. Because a little to much sequin and you look like a walking christmas tree with a lot of lights and glitter. That's why I summed up a few tips to wear sequin and to make sure it's not over the top, are you reading it with me?  

  • If you aren't a real die hard sequin fan but you like a little glitter, you can still use accessories to wear a little sequin. It's in a more subtler way but it still pops out for sure!
  • Make sure to mix and match! Mixing sequins with simpler articles of clothing that don't have embellishments will always look good! No worries. 
  • On the other hand, don't over do it! You don't need sequins on your top, pants and shoes. It's way to much and you can maybe blind someone by the amount of sequins! 
  • When wearing sequins don't go for to complex silhouettes. The sequins makes the looks.
  • Make a descission between day and evening wear. 

Well I hope this helped you a bit and I also added some inspiration pictures underneath to help you visualize it! Enjoy and start wearing more sequin. 

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