I'm in my second week of vacation so my mom and I thought it was time to go visit Primark again. I went in Liège and before you had only 1 floor and now you have 2! Happy me! Curious about what I bought and for one time I added a lot of color to my new items. Pretty proud of myself. Keep on reading for more pictures. 

When I saw this shirt, I wanted it so badly. 'Hear see speak' is actually the message of this shirt, and they used the monkey emoticons of ios. Great for on a jeans and white sneakers. I bought it a little oversized.
Price: €8

Of course I had to stop by the jewelry section. I didn't found that much because I didn't really need anything. But when seeing these little earrings I had to take them home. Because for my second ear piercing I like to have little earrings so these match perfect for what I wanted. Oh and a little mirror with a frenchie on it ( I have a frenchie at home) cute! 
Mirror €1.50 

On my last visit to Primark a few months ago I bought this same shirt in white. When I saw these again, but in this beautiful blue color I thought this would be a great addition to give my wardrobe a bit more color. 
Price: €9

In one week I'm going to Barcelona for a week and when seeing these travel bags I had to have them. Great to but your bikini inside or little stuff you have to put in your suitcase. I also loved the prints and the text on the middle one. 
Price: €7

Yes, the one black item that I got. This lovely top. A bit oversized. But I love the detail on the bottom, these half circles make it different from all the other tops. Basic but with a twist. 
Price: €9 

Another item in the same style. This lovely light green blazer. I bought it a little oversized because I don't like the fitted blazers anymore. Again with the 'half circles' It gives a romantic touch.
Price: €18

My last clothing item is this bright pink blazer. Great for work and to give a black outfit a touch of color. I'm not a pink kinda girl but when I tried this one it looks really nice. It's a soft fabric and doesn't wrinkle that much. 
Price: €18

I took this 'Foundation brush' with me to test it if it's something for me. It doesn't lose any hairs so that's already positive! Also I took these clips with me for when I curl my hair. And last this lovely make-up bag. I love the colors and the pattern. So beautiful! 
Price: Make up bag €3

Before heading of to Primark I saw these slides on someones instagram. So I was kinda hoping it would be there. I just love these and a great variation on my black ones I have from H&M. They walk comfortable and for the price, great! 
Price: €10

And last but not least, this simple but classic silver watch. It has a stretch band so I find that real handy.     Price: €6

What do you think of my new items? Do you love them? Let me know :) 

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  1. Mooie spulletjes! Dat emoji-shirt moet ik echt hebben, haha :D

  2. dat shirt met die aapjes is grappig! en die roze blazer heb ik nu aan in het rood!

  3. Wow - Where did you geht that shirt with the monkey emoticons of ios ????

  4. Wow - Where did you geht that shirt with the monkey emoticons of ios ????