Hi there! Well, about a week ago I wrote an article about where I bought all my earrings (click here). I also asked you guys if you were interested in another article and I got a lot of positive comments and that you feel more 'safe' to use Aliexpress now. So today I'm here with two other things I ordered. Watches and iPhone accessories. As you can obviously tell by the title (duuh). Are you reading with me? 

A thing you maybe don't know about me is that I'm obsessed with watches. When I was younger I thought it was annoying, but after I got my first Essentiel watch, that is now broken (still heartbroken about that) I realized that it's handy but it can also be so stylish and it can lift your outfit! That's why I ordered 3 watches on Aliexpress. Like the other article I will give my opinion, the price + the link where I bought it. Ready? 

Dalas watch  The first watch that I ordered was the cheapest one. Because after reading some reviews I knew that you aren't that sure if the watch will work.. But I'm so glad I ordered this one, I wear it almost everyday and it is my new favorite watch atm. The band of the watch isn't that great material, but you can change this, so no worries. 

Price: I payed it €2.50, now it's €3.15. 

 Manuel Hand wind watch , this was the second watch that I bought. I was looking for a manuel watch for ages, but they cost a lot, like a lot lot! When I found this one and after reading the reviews I took my chance and here it is! Such a beauty. I searched online how to use it (it doesn't come with a guide) It works good and after 4-5 days I have to rewind it. 

Price: I payed it €11.10, now it's €11.44 

My last watch is this Silver Geneva watch , I actually got this 4 days ago. Well, the watch on it's own is good. But the watch was to big, thats normal but the watch didn't had any pins to remove some sections from the wristband. So after a girl told me how to do it it worked (as you can see) but it was so difficult that I wouldn't really recommend it if you aren't handy. But now the watch fits and now I'm happy and I can start enjoying it. You also had it in other colors.  

Price: I payed it €3.72, now it's €3.62

Now on to the iPhone accessories. I love having a lovely iPhone case around my phone but for me it's to expensive sometimes. I ordered 3 cases and some plastic protections screens also. This is what I think of it. 

Clear screen protector  , I was so happy when I got this. It's good quality and it also comes with these yellow dust whipes. Couldn't be happier. It was send with 10 screen protectors. 

Price: I payed it € 1.16, now it's €1.10 

Transparent case  , I don't know if you see it well on the picture, but it's a clear case. I use this case everyday now for over 3months now and it's still perfect. It fit's perfectly around my iPhone. I would recommend this one!
It's also ultra thin. 

Price: I payed it €0.71, now it's €0.76

Marc Jacobs case  , Now look at this beauty. It's a silver case (mirror effect) with a lip-pattern that is see through. Underneath it's written 'Marc by Marc Jacobs' I love this case so much but I don't use it that much because I'm so scared to damage the silver material. It's fragile. But whenever I go somewhere, this baby is around my iPhone! 

Price: I payed it €2.98, now it's €3.15 

Rubberized plastic case  , I know this case looks horrible. When I got this case it was amazingly white and perfect. I loved the pattern but after 2weeks the color changed. By being in my handbag, laying on the table, being in my jeans. So this is a disappointment. But for the money I'm not going to complain. But I'm going to try to remove this rubbery layer so that the white plastic will show (like you can see on the edges) I wanted to show you this to let you see that not everything you buy is great! 

Price: I payed it €0.65

Well I hope you all had something about this post, if you have questions or you need help feel free to contact me. There will be more posts about this Aliexpress site, so I'll keep you posted about my experiences. 

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