Lately I've been changing my blog layout. Why? Well, change is good sometimes and before I wasn't sure about what I wanted my blog to look like and now after some time I finally came with an idea. First of all I wanted to add these social buttons, you see them on the famous blogs and I was ready for the search to add this to my blog. Because this isn't that difficult I thought I would show you how you can add these. Want to give your blog an extra touch with these buttons? Keep on reading. 

First thing I did was starting to search the perfect buttons for my blog. It depends on your layout what style of button looks best. And what better site to look at? Pinterest! I found mine here. (If you'd like the same as me click here)

First: You have to save every 'icon' on it's own. otherwise it won't work. Look at the pictures beneath. 3 separate pictures.
Tip: I print screened every button.
Second step: Go to your dashboard > indeling. Now it's time to add a gadget. You need to pick 'HTML/JavaScript'. 
You don't need to fill in the title. But in the content section you will need to add this code:
If you want to add 4 social buttons like I did, you need to copy paste the code above 4 times.

Now in the code you see "Here you place the url of your social network". Instead of this sentence you add the website's url that you want to link to. Do this for every social network. 
 Example: ""   
!! You have to add the url in-between the " " 

Third step: You also have "URL of your image" in the code. Now it's time to add your chosen buttons. Go to and upload your first button. Now you get a screen like the picture beneath ê
You need to copy the code from 'Direct link for lay-outs' so the last one. 
Paste this code instead of "URL of your image"
!! You have to add the code in-between the " " 

Make sure to do this for every button you want to add and there you go! You only need to see where you'll put it in your layout. Easy, right?
I hope this helped you. If you have question, ask them. 

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  1. Fijn dat je dit deelt. Ik heb een thema waar het al bij in zit!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I was just trying it out, but my only problem is that the buttons are too big... Do you perhaps know how I could get them smaller?

  3. Lovely! Have a nice weekend sweetie!

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