Hi everyone. A while ago I received a little package from the web shop 'Fairy Pretty'. They started not so long ago and I'm already a fan. Oh I can't wait to show you what for lovely things I got. Curious about what is in the packages?

Tadaaaaa!! They send me these 3 accessories to review. When I opened the package the first thing that caught my eye were these earrings. Oh how beautiful are they? A cute iPhone case with a touch of sparkle and of course a must have: the statement necklace. 

Fairy pretty is a new web shop, that exists for about a month and a half. So it's just starting actually. They sell different kinds of accessories and what's the best thing about it? It's not so expensive at all! They are now refilling their must haves so keep in touch with them by their Facebook  and their Web shop  

Beneath you will find individual pictures and a little explanation about what I think about the items. Also I have some 'real' pictures where I'm wearing the accessories so you have a image about how it looks. Are you reading with me? 

Shine white case iPhone 
First thing is this beautiful iPhone case. To be honest I always use transparent cases on my phone, because I like the silver look of my phone and I want to show it. But this white case is a good addition to my collection. It's still basic but the little diamonds and the flowers make it more interesting. The silver lining is perfect with my white phone. It feels very steady, so quality is perfect.  
Price in the webshop: €4.50

Black unique statement necklace
Now the necklace, when opening I had this feeling that it looks to much like plastic. Maybe that's me but I don't like that feeling. But I said to myself: try it on and make your judgement afterwards. I wore it with my grey sweater and I must say I like it better when wearing. It's not a large necklace but it still stands out and gives that little extra to your outfit. A plus is that it's not heavy at all, so no neck pain. Yeyy!
Price in the web shop: €2.50

Chique Double Dots
Last but definitely not least. These amazing pearl earrings. Oh I am in love, like really in love. They are very light that's good but when wearing them I got the feeling that I've lost them (because they are that light) But no worries they don't fall of! You see these double dots everywhere but it was the first time I saw a version like this. Unique and stylish. 
Price in the web shop: €2.50 

Fairy pretty is a good way to buy eye-catchers and must haves. Cheap but still good quality. I already saw some beautiful new arrivals, maybe I'll make an order soon #sorrynotsorry. Oh and thank you Fairy Pretty for the accessories again, I love them. 

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  1. Ah wat een onwijs leuk pakket. De ketting is mijn favoriet. Het ziet er heel stijlvol en tijdloos uit. Volop combineren gegarandeerd :)

  2. Wauwie! ziet er super leuk uit allemaal!

  3. Waaaauw, de oorbellen inderdaad prachtig!

  4. ziet er allemaal heel erg leuk uit!

  5. Oh wauw dat is ook echt niet duur! Ik vind alles prachtig!

  6. Cute pieces indeed lovely! :)
    x Frederique -