Hi you all! Maybe if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I was working on a project, this project. I had this white space that I wanted to decorate but I wanted something different so I went for washi tape! You may have seen this on Tumblr, Pinterest,… Curious how you can do this easily? Or maybe this can give you an idea about how to pimp up your white walls. 

This is the easiest thing in the world to do.

What do you need?

- Washi tape that you like. Use different colors, patterns..

- Pictures, a lot of pictures; small, big, black and white, color.. Everything! 

  1. I got my pictures from fashion magazines, tumblr... You can take any picture you like. 
  2. Now I adjusted my washi tape depending on the image. (like the black/white picture underneath) I wanted it to match sometimes with a little contrast.
  3. Play around with your pictures, what do you want where. This is actually kind of important. If you like your setting it's time to tape!
  4. To give it a more interesting feeling, make different shapes with your tape. Play around, make weird shapes, let your creativity work! 
Now it's up to you, make your wall special! 

I really like my door right now. Totally personalized. 

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  1. SUPERxcool!
    Goed idee om dit te doen wanneer ik terug ben van Erasmus!
    Ziet er echt tof uit x

  2. Top resultaat! Hier kan ik me ook uren mee bezig houden.