We all see these Real Techniques make-up brushes everywhere lately, actually  any kind of make-up brushes that cost a lot of money. They do look amazing and are great quality. But I have to admit, I don't want to spend a lot of money on my brushes. Maybe you do and that's fine but for me it's not necessary. So that's why I bought these ones. Curious about what I think? Keep on reading. 

I want to make clear that I know more expensive brushes are better quality and that there is a reason why they cost a lot more; they last longer, they don't lose their hair,… But I did some research, a lot of research actually and I found these three brushes, not expensive and I'm pretty happy about them. 

Angled contour brush
My first brush is this angled one. I wanted a brush to apply my blush with. Because of the angle you can easily apply blush on your cheeks, because it follows your yaw line. The brush doesn't absorb to much blush (that God!) I think this is good because: better to apply two layers of blush than one layer that is way to thick. It's a really soft brush and doesn't lose any hairs. But if I have to say one flaw: The brush doesn't apply all the blush on my cheeks, so some blush stays in the brush, a bit of a waste. But otherwise it's good. 

Stippling Brush
This one was a high needed for me. I always had a flat foundation brush, but that didn't work for me, because I always had these lines because of the fact that the brush is flat. But after some reading I thought that a stippling brush would be better. With this brush you can make better circles and you won't have any lines (that you have with a flat brush). I tried this brush and I must say: I'm in love! This brush works so good, it doesn't absorb to much foundation and it gives a great coverage. The brush feels soft and doesn't loose any hairs. I think I found the perfect brush for me! 

Setting brush 
The last brush that I ordered isn't a typical powder brush I know. But I didn't order this one in the first place for my powder, but my powder brush broke so when this one arrived I took this one as a solution. But I must say it does work for powder. It feels soft and I don't have to take huge amount of powder for my face. So actually I'm kinda happy with this one. But it is a bit small for powder so maybe I'll buy a bigger one particularly for powder, who knows. But for now you won't hear me complain at all.  

I bought these three brushes for only €5,01. Whuuut? Yes I know, big shock right? Now after reading this review don't you think that quality is amazing for the price? When they arrived I didn't assume they would be this good. Yeeeey for me! Want to order these brushes too? (Click here)

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  1. Ze lijken me zo fijn!! Hoop dat ze eens gewoon in de winkel verkocht worden, van via internet vind ik nooit zo fijn om zoiets te kopen haha xD