Hi you guys! So I've been looking for a new lip color, but that's easier said than done. I don't wear lipstick very often so the expensive lipsticks were not in my thoughts. I was looking for an affordable one that would last ages. Why? Well I don't want to retouch my lipstick every hour when going out. Today I'm here with a very affordable lipstick. Curious about my thoughts? 

Max & More long lasting 2 in 1 lip color & moisturizing shiny gloss / €1,79 from Action

When I first saw these I said to myself "These won't be good because of the price." My mother said to me that I needed to try it, maybe it was a good product and if it wasn't it wouldn't have hurt my wallet either. They sold it in a pack of two. You had these two and also neutral colors, not for me so I went with these two. When I came home I saw on the packaging 'Cruelty free' that means that they didn't tried the product on animals. Yes! 

Red Sensation 

First I tried the red color. I already have a red/coral one, so a totally red one was needed in my collection. I only needed to apply one coat to get this coverage. After you put on the see through coat it doesn't stick anymore and it feels very soft on the lips. I have dry lips but you don't see the cracks, so it does work as a moisturizing lipstick. I has a little shine but not to much. 

Cheeky Pink

I was so happy that it wasn't to pink when putting it on my lips. I'm only used to red colors so pink was a huge step for me. When trying it out it didn't came as a barbie pink but more a subtle pink, that I actually like. The coverage of this color is not as good as the red one. I needed to apply 2-3 coat to get full coverage. But it has a lovely color and feels soft, not sticky. 

What do I think?
  • Cruelty free 
  • Long lasting 
  • Coverage (Red one was better) ✓ 
  • Moisturizing factor 

I'm very happy that I took these two lipsticks home with me. What do you think of these lipsticks? Would you try them? 

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  1. Wauw, mooie kleurtjes!
    Liefs Iep

  2. Ik had eigenlijk ook niet zo'n kwaliteit verwacht! Maar ziet er echt mooi uit :D