I love polaroid pictures and the camera's that make them. But I wanted to do something else, make it more special, make the pictures better. Now I took a couple of things I did with my camera, pictures and made this post. Maybe this can help you out when you want to make your pictures more special as well. 


How do you start?
  • I bought A polaroid album, but I didn't love the outside (they send me the wrong one unfortunately) So I just needed to change the outside. 
  • Make a pattern you like using different tapes and there you go! I used only washi tape but you can also use pictures or anything like that. 

I love mine way better now. 

Doesn't it look nice? I want to look inside right away and that's a good thing! This is an easy project that 
doesn't take a lot of time, but it makes so much difference. 

Instax mini sticker Now, I had this all white Instax mini. All pretty and everything but I wanted to pimp it a little bit. I found these stickers online and bam it looks that I got myself a new Fujifilm. I chose for black/white to make it a bit more subtle, but you can add different kinds of stickers for almost every color of Instax Mini. They come with an instruction. 

Mirror lens
How cool is this? Do you see this little mirror? This gadget is a must have when buying or using an Instax Mini. 
What's is for?  Well, when I took polaroids with my friends, boyfriend I found it really difficult to guess if everyone was on the picture (because you can't see it) and when they weren't I was so bummed. The picture comes out straight away, every picture costs money so that wasn't cool. 
After looking online, I found this little lens with a mirror effect. You just click it on your Fujifilm and your good to go. Now when taking pictures you can actually see yourself. You have this lens in every color of Instax mini. 

Polaroid stickers
Now your polaroid pictures deserve something special too. 

I ordered 10 of these stickers that you can use so that your frame gets another color. I payed these €0.86, when you buy the printed polaroid paper itself you pay €14 for 10 papers. See the difference?

I also got these stickers from the Action. Easy to give it a little extra without overdoing it. 

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  1. Oh leuk gedaan! Ik heb geen instax, maar zou er wel graag eentje willen :)

  2. Leuk! Ik heb zelf ook een instax, maar dan een gele :)