Hi guys. Summer has finally arrived (at least by date, not by temperature) In the summer I love to make different kinds of iced tea's myself. I like them way better and they are more healthier too. So I will publish different kinds of summery drinks for you guys! Today I'm here with a new one. Before I made just the classic lemon one, but now I made a Moroccan Mint one. Curious how to make this drink? Keep on reading! 

What do you need? 

- 1 sachet of Moroccan Mint tea
- Some fresh mint leaves (we have mint from our garden, the best!)
- Sugar (not to much)
- 1 lime/ lemon
- Hot water 
- Ice cubes

  • Let the water boil and pour it into a can that is heat protected. 
  • Let the sachet in for five minutes. 
  • Add the sugar, lemon and mint leaves (I crushed them before to get more aroma of the mint)
  • After that, put it in the fridge for at least two hours!
  • Take a long glass, some ice cubes, fresh mint and pour the iced tea in the glass.
  • Enjoy! 

So how easy was this right? The only sad part of this iced tea is the waiting.. It's tempting to drink it after an hour, but trust me. Let it cool for at least 2 hours. You will like it even better. 

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  1. Leuk en lekker receptje!

  2. Fijn dat je je eigen receptje deelt. Ik ben nog op zoek naar iced teas om te proberen, dus wie weet geef ik deze een van de dagen wel een kans ;) Nu nog verse muntblaadjes vinden... xo