Exams are coming up and I'm here with a Primark shopping haul. Well, I didn't shop but my mom did. She went to Brussels and she stopped by the Primark for me (so sweet) She brought me a few things that I love, so I thought why not show it to you all. Curious about what I got? 

First she got me this top. Black and white with little black stripes. It's a lose fabric that I like. What I like most about this top is the neckline. It's the first time I have something like this, with a chain. I find it elegant with a little extra touch. It's not very see through, even better! 

Perfect for summer. A stretch striped maxi skirt with splits on both sides. It's not basic black and white, but it's more black and beige (you don't see it that well on the picture) something different and I kinda like it. I'm already thinking with what I can wear it. I'm looking for an off-the-shoulder white top, this would be great together as an outfit. 

A pair of bracelets can't hurt anyone right? Especially not when they come in 3 different colors: Silver, gold, copper. They look so cute! They have a little detail: a square, triangle, circle. They were €2.50 for 3

I wear a lot of lip balm. But I have read this week that it isn't really good wearing it all the time. But anyway. My mom got me this lip balm in the shape of an apple. So funny and original. When you take a good look you see that it has a bit of glitter in it. But when wearing it you don't see it that much, Yes! This was €1.50

I needed this little travel kit for a while. But didn't find one that I actually liked, the outside at least. My mom got me this green one with different butterlfies. How cute right? I don't know the price of this because she already took is of. But I guess it won't be that expensive. 

Last, but definitely not least. Look at these beauties! I was so happy when my mom gave me this. I love these 'two-piece' earrings and this is a little extra! Maybe this will be the earrings for prom. I already wore them and they aren't heavy at all, I was very glad. Because when I wear heavy earrings I always get a headache. These were €2.50 

What do you think of these items? Any favorites? 

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  1. Te gekke items! Erg leuk..
    Liefs Iep

  2. Leuke aankopen ben benieuwd hoe je ze gaat dragen!