This bernadette look a like sweater has been made by my mom and I absolutely love it! After posting this picture on Instagram I got a lot of question about it. Where did you buy the wool? Where did you get the template. Well that's why I made this little post to answer all of your questions. 

Now this sweater is made out of mohair wool (it's kind off expensive) but I got my from the Veritas, you had different colors but I wanted the basic color: off white. 

When searching for this sweater I bumped into a website where you can also buy the wool and the template (yes you have to buy it) but the price is free after 'buying' it you get an email where to download the template. 

In the template you have two options as size:
S/M and L/XL (depending the amount of wool also) I found this really handy and my mom made me the S/M and it is perfect oversized. 

Website: De breiboerderij

I hope this post was really handy for you and maybe your mom or grandma can make you one. 

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  1. Oh super leuk dat deze zelf kan maken! Ik ga mijn mama meteen aan het werk zetten hihi want ik vind de veste van Bernadette zo mooi. Maar wel heel jammer dat ze zo prijzig zijn..