To make your outfit even more on point we add accessories. I am a person that prefers a statement necklace or statement earrings. A few months ago I wrote an article about earring here because I got a lot of positive feedback on that article I thought I would show you guys my new earring that I ordered on Aliexpress, my new favorite ones. You can find everything about aliexpress on my previous article. Maybe you see some earrings that you like. Oh and not one was over €3! 

Rhinestone stud earrings

Pink rhinestone earring  Different shades of pink with a lovely black detail around the big rhinestone. Very girly. 

Sweet rhinestone  One of my favorites. It looks a bit like a flower if you ask me and you also have it in another color. Perfect for an everyday look.

Brown rhinestone earring  I love these, the different shades of brown work so well. You also have these in multicolor. 

Rhinestone earrings

Vintage stud earring  Just a basic simple earring with different colors depending on the light. 

Retro pearl earring  Great for a night out and for the price, couldn't get better 

Elegant rhinestone earring  My absolute favorite earrings from all of them. I wear these all the time. I had to wait for almost one month but it was definitely worth the wait. You also have it in different colors. 

Double dots

Bright gem earrings I saw these on a blogging account but they weren't available at that time. After checking it a few times, finally after two months they were back online and I ordered these, couldn't be happier and it is something different than the other double dots. 

Crystal double pearl earring  These are also a different version, looks great on a night out. 

Rhinestone drop earrings 

Pink rhinestone drop earring  I ordered these ones for my graduation but they didn't arrive in time. But I love them, very light and beautiful colors. 

Big white rhinestone  My absolute favorite. You also had them in black and brown but I love this white one. 

Little pink rhinestone  This is a very subtle earring but has that little extra.  

One big plus of these earrings if that they are cheap and are not heavy at all! Except one. When you see that you get all these for not much money, buying earrings in a store is really hard for me now. Because I find them now way to expensive when you compare the store price with these from Aliexpress. (whoops) 

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  1. Heel erg bedankt voor dit artikel. Ik heb zelf ook 2 oorbellen besteld. Groetjes, Sita

  2. Aliexpress heeft idd hele leuke dingen. Kan alleen nooit wat kopen, omdat ze geen paypal hebben helaas.