Hi everyone. I'm the type of person that just throws her ear pods or cords in her bag and when I need them they are all tangled up. After that I'm busy with getting them loose, for like a long time. Today I'm here with 3 easy, diy's that you can make in under 5minutes each to make sure you never have tangled ear pods again. Are you with me? 

Jeans bow. For our first diy we are making a little bow out of an old jeans. Perfect for your ear pods or even your charger. 
What do you need: Glue, scissors, jeans fabric and a set of snaps. 
Step 1: take your jeans fabric. You have to get two parts. One long section to close the pocket with. And the wide section will become the pocket. You have to see the wider your pocket will be, the more you can put in it. That choice is up to you. 
Step 2: I used an old jeans for my fabric. I used the leg part because both sides were already stitched. Now you only have to glue the top section together. So you have the open side on the bottom and it looks like a pocket. Don't make the pocket to big because otherwise you have to much space and the cords can come out. 
Step 3: Take the long strip and wrap it around the pocket to see if it's not to long. Now apply the snaps on both sides. 
Now all you have to do is put your ear pods or cords in it. Close it and there you have it. The little bow you can take with you on a trip or in your handbag. 

 Clothespin Clips. For the second diy we are using clothespins. Just take some of your moms and use this to make an amazing cords organizer. 
What do you need: scissors, clothespins, glue, printed cork (you can also use washi tape) 
 Step 1: I used printed cork that has a sticky back so you don't need glue. (I found this in the Action) But you can also use washi tape. It depends on what you have at home. Just make sure it has a fun print. Overlay the 'top' sides of both clothespins. 
Step 2: Now glue the other sides together. Make sure that the clothespins are glued on in the opposite way. Just like the picture. Now wait for it to dry. 
Step 3: Now all you have to do is wrap it around the clothespin. Just make sure that the middle part is wrapped. 

 Twist ties. For this last diy you don't need a lot of things and it is very easy to make for a traveling trip and with different tapes you can make it even more fun. Let's begin! 
What do you need: scissors, washi tape, wire 
 Step 1: Take one piece of washi tape (you choose the length) and cut a piece of wire (smaller than the tape). 
Place it in the middle of the tape. 
 Step 2: Take another piece of washi tape, the same length as the other. Place it on top of the wire. Now you have the same print on both sides. 
And there you have it your own, easy twist tie organizer. I made mine extra long so I could turn it around two times but that is totally up to you, but with two turns you have less chance it will loosen up. You can use them for just one trip but if you straighten them out you can reuse them. 

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