My mom and I went shopping in Aachen two weeks ago. We were walking around, store in store out. Until I saw this new Marc Jacobs perfume. I had to take this one with me for two very good reasons. Want to see this gorgeous perfume?

When I was younger I had different kinds of perfumes. Some stronger than others. But two years ago everything changed, no more different brands for me, I found the perfect one: Marc Jacobs. Why? Well, first of all every perfume from Marc Jacobs has a beautiful bottle, and when I say beautiful I mean gorgeous bottle. Also they smell amazing, every perfume has a totally different smell but you can match them to the brand, I don't know why but I recognize a Marc Jacobs perfume really easy. 

But after two years and 3 almost empty bottles it was time for a new one, unexpectedly I found this little one named DOT. When I saw the bottle it was love at first sight. And I must say it smells heavenly. The cap looks like a ladybug in the heart of a flower. The fragrance is a kinda floral-fruity. Oh well I think I have a little weakness for Marc Jacobs perfumes but I don't even mind. 

Doesn't it look so cute? Oh and the smell, amazing. 

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