Hi everyone. Today I'm here with a new post. Last week I went to the primark and I found a lot of new things. All for upcoming winter. So I wanted to show you guys what I bought, I can't wait so let's get started? 

Cream lace blouse - €15
I always buy my blouses at the Primark because they almost always fit me perfect and they have special details. Like this cream one with a lace neck detail. 
Camel, long, super soft coat - €30 
I love oversized long coats and when I saw this beauty I had to try it on. It's not a typical oversized coat but I bought it in a larger size so it would me more loose, perfect with a sweater underneath. It closes with three buttons. Oh did I already say the coat is super soft? 
My neppy tee - €5
I needed a new basic plain grey shirt and what better place to find it? I bought the neppy tee because it is a loose shirt. 
Black lace blouse - €15
I needed a new black blouse and when I saw this one with the lace details I thought it would be perfect for me. the lace is see-through so the next and the half of your arm will show through. 
Navy shirt - €7
This loose shirt is perfect for fall. It is in a soft material with lace details on the bottom, a little extra touch. 
Grey boots - €19 
I actually wanted black boots that didn't make a sound when walking around. But like my mom said : You already have so much black. So I went for grey and they are so comfortable and they don't make a sound!
Burgundy shoes - €15
Burgundy is on trend this winter so when I saw these ones, I already knew how I would combine them. They also fit very comfortable. There was also another similar model with the same color but they looked clumsy because they had a bigger sole. 
Black skinny jeans - €15
I wear black jeans almost everyday in winter time and so I need a lot of them. So I took this one to try out. I don't know if they are going to stretch very much or not, that I will figure out when I wear them. But they are very skinny and pretty black
Black pants with white stripe - €15
Also I saw this black pants and I fell in love. They look amazing and I already knew how I would combine them. I mean, they are pure perfection to me. 

 Copper magazine holder - €4
I have a little addiction to copper for a little while now but never bought anything in that color, don't know why. But this magazine storage caught my eye and for the price, I had to take it with me. Already preparing for the new school year! 
Copper candle holders - €4
Okay is it obvious that I adore copper? These subtle holders will go perfectly next to my cactus collection. Perfect for a cosy evening. 
Led lights - €7
To stay in the same category are these copper sprinkled lights to hang in my room. Perfect for decoration if you ask me. Or maybe for around christmas. 
Different socks - €2 each pair
I'm a huge fan of nice socks for under my leather jeans. I already owned some silver ones but these are a great addition to my little collection if I say so myself. 
Necklace - €1  Ear slider - €2
Also I shopped a little accessories, not so much because I didn't really need accessories. But these two caught my eye and we so cheap, I love the basic necklace and is great with a plain top underneath. Also the ear slider is great for that little extra, perfect for a night out. 

What do you think of my purchases? 

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  1. O gaaf zeg! Ik ben vooral weg van het simpele kettinkje en daarnaast ben ik heel erg benieuwd of de jas warm is. Is het meer een herfst of een echte winterjas?

    1. Hey Heleen,
      Het is echt meer een winterjas. Lekker warm en zacht!

  2. De jas en zwarte blouse zijn echt super mooi!!

  3. Oh jij hebt precies nog veel gevonden! Ik denk dat ik in de week ook eens ga. Heb nog een cadeaubon.
    En wow I love de Bordeaux schoentjes! Echt leuk.


  4. Wauw, wat een te gekke aankopen heb je gedaan zeg!
    Liefs Iep

  5. je jas is echt prachtig! en wat een leuke ketting:)

  6. Wauw! Ik zou bijna al deze items willen kopen! Ik moet dringend nog eens naar de Primark precies! :)

  7. Die rosé gouden magazine houder is echt gaaf!!! Die wil ik ook! En die Burgundy schoenen vind ik ook tof! Echt leuke dingen heb je geshopt :)

  8. nice post and the way of pointing out the things is amazing , although your blog is also cool.keep it up

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