When we walked around Amsterdam you saw all these same style houses so I thought why not take a few pictures here. I wore a comfortable outfit and my most comfortable shoes because we walked a lot that weekend, really a lot. With this souvenirs bag I felt like a real tourist! 

A simple white tee and my grey sneak printed jeans that I have for two years now and I never wore them until now! A loose black blazer is perfect when the sun shines from time to time but it's not that warm. Together with my Stan Smith's I was totally walking prove. I added my fringes to make it a bit more special. I originally had an other bag with my but it became to heave after a while so I bought this Amsterdam tote bag, so happy with it because it has the typical buildings printed on it! 

Top Local store - Bag Souvenirs shop - Sneakers Adidas - Jeans Zara - Blazer New Look - Fringes Pinned by K 

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  1. Zalig! Amsterdam is echt z'n zot mooie en leuke stad! Als ik kon ging ik vaker er heen!