New york fashion weeks has come to his end. Not do we only see amazing style on the runway but outside we see a lot happening too. The perfect combinations, basics turning into something special. Sometimes I find the street style around the whole fashion week more interesting. So I chose my favorite street style pictures to show to you. Curious? 

Is it clear that I love the more basic and simple outfits? For me to make an outfit stand out is not always about being so special, it's making the basics work on a not so typical way or maybe on a typical way so people could see themselves wearing it. But the outfit still needs at least one item that is more special. To make it interesting. 
Pics via: Vogue , Elle

My absolute favorite one is my top picture. Grey sweater with the trench coat. A basic idea everyone has already seen a million times. But because the shirt has a great sleeve it gives that little extra. Also my last picture: the open back shirt is amazing. Something I didn't see before. Oh can't wait for another fashion week to come up, new idea's, new street styles and a lot more inspiration.
What do you think? Something you would wear? 

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