Hi guys, glad you found your way to my blog today. Now that fall has officially arrived I thought it was time to find myself a matching lipstick for this time of the year. No more light and bright colors but I'm going for dark lips. Not that easy after all but I found myself one. Curious which one? 

We all know the packaging of a typical mac lipstick. Plain black with the brand in sight. I adore the full black. No nonsense and all the attention towards the lipstick. First I wanted a creamy lipstick but I thought for fall a matt one would be cool. So after strolling some shops I found myself this mac lipstick. My first one ever! I'm no longer a mac cosmetic virgin (wohoo). 

I went for the color Diva , the lipstick looks quite dark at first but after applying it's a little lighter that I kinda love. It's a dark red. I adore the matt look and it doesn't creese in my lips. To make it short: the right lipstick that I was looking for. 
The lipstick has a very good pigment, perfectly mat but still feels soft on the lips. So if you are looking for a lipstick for this fall/winter this one can be perfect for you! 

You can find the Mac Diva lipstick in stores for €18,50

On this picture you can see the matt effect very good. 

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