Yes I know what you are thinking… 'Another beauty post?' Well I'm kinda liking this, also it's something new for me. My old blush had come to his end so I needed a new one, perfect occasion to buy two. For now and for the winter. I took these two home with me. Curious about my opinion?  

MUA Shade 1 Blusher 
The blush is very basic. Black and see through. A basic combination but for the price I think it's normal you don't get an amazing design.

Catrice Defining Blush - Sunrose Avenua 
Basic, basic and basic. That's all that I can say about this packaging. But I like it this way, the attention goes straight away to the blush. 

MUA Shade 1 Blush
I picked this one first because I heard a lot of good things about MUA but wanted to try it myself and when I needed a new blush I found it the perfect occasion to buy one from MUA itself. I went for shade 1 because I never owned a very bright pink blush. This blush is perfect to build on. At first I was a little scared that it would be to bright, but it's not at all, it blends really well into your skin and gives a natural glow. The texture is smooth but a bit more powdery than the Catrice one. 

 Catrice Defining Blush - Sunrose Avenue 

What Catrice says about their product: 
"The ultra-fine, highly-pigmented powder blush with vitamin C and E spreads easily, sets fresh accents, emphasizes your cheekbones and models the contours of your face. Top marks for a perfect finish."
In the powder of the blush you see an 'old pink' that's why I took this blush with me. The MUA blush is more pinkish and don't want to wear bright pink all the time so this was a great in-between. It's a warm blush (swatch below), perfect for fall/winter. It applies very well and gives a fresh accent to your skin. 

My opinion: For the cheap price these products are totally recommendable. Also I love how the Catrice blush gives an instant winter feeling. The MUA one is also good but maybe a bit to powdery for me. 

MUA Blush €2.49, Catrice Blush €3.59. Both products are available at Kruidvat. 

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