Finally I'm here with my new necklaces I purchased on Aliexpress,  I worked on this article for almost two months and I'll tell you why in this article. Curious to see what kind of necklaces I bought? 
Now first, if you don't know how Aliexpress works you can find the information  in my first post, here

I'm a person that loves, literally loves statement necklaces, especially in the winter. Because when you are wearing a plain sweater a statement necklace can give that extra touch without it being to much. But before when I went shopping for necklaces I saw that statement necklaces are always overpriced if you ask me and most of the time they are to heavy to actually wear a whole day. That's why I buy my necklace now on Aliexpress, and I thought it would be fun to show you what I bought for this winter because on my previous post I had a lot of positive comments. So, let's start! 

I added the links from the sellers where I bought my necklace, they are linked in the name of the necklaces. 
Purple Statement Necklace    €7,51 
When I saw this one it was love at first time, this style makes me think of Zara but in a more affordable way. First time I bought a purple necklace but this one looked perfect. A lot of rhinestones in different colors and a fun placement of the stones.  Oh and it doesn't weight to much, but still heavy enough that you feel you are wearing a necklace! Loving it. 
Crystal Flower Necklace  €8,55
This necklace is from the same seller as the purple one. This one is a bit heavier though but still wearable. I already wore this one a lot and it doesn't 'fold' if you know what I mean? (Because the necklace is made of different parts that are put together) A real eye-catcher. There is no glue that comes out or anything like that, perfect finish. 
Multicolor Rhinestone Necklace   €3,09
This necklace is a basic one. You also had it in black and clear rhinestones but I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and go all the way with this multicolor necklace. Great to wear on a black top to make the necklace really stand out. The backside is made of felt. A perfect everyday necklace. 
 Geometry Neon Necklace  €2,62
How pretty is this necklace? It's a smaller one than the ones above but it gives a pop of color with this yellow neon color. Especially I wear a lot of black/white this necklace will really stand out. 
Vintage white/clear Rhinestone Necklace  €2,68 
It's because of this necklace this article is this late. Every necklace came in a normal delivery time but this one, I waited for 2months… And I'm happy with it but it could be better. It has a 'plastic' look and feeling. This one is my least favorite. But I think I'll still wear it, to go out or so. 

What do you think of my necklaces? Are you fan? 
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