Hi guys, last monday I went to Brussels with my boyfriend and we made a little stop at the Primark. Even though I didn't really need anything I did came home with a few things and I would love to show them to you. Are you curious? 

Grey wool floppy hat €10
I'm loving hats at the moment and can't wait to wear them this winter instead of beanies all the time. I already have a camel one and I actually wanted a burgundy one too but when seeing this grey version I was totally sold! You don't really see grey hats often unless it's a light grey. I tried it and my boyfriend was as excited as me. Even for the price you can't leave it behind, right? 

Satin blouse with crossed lace details €16
I saw this when I was in the line to check out and I loved it right away. It makes me think of a pirate shirt, right? I also adore this shape of blouse, it's not tight and it also has puffed sleeves. When I came home with this item my mom told me that she wore something like this when she was younger, everything comes back if you ask me!

Crepe lace dress €17 
 I think I found my dress for christmas! I always buy my black dresses at the primark, don't ask me why but I always love their dresses. Their shapes are loose so it's comfortable. What I love most about this dress is the lace, it starts at your neck and ends at your wrist. You know what's even better? You can see through the lace so you show a bit of skin! What more do you need, right? 

Black tights €6 
What I also take home with me are their tights, they are from a great quality and not expensive because they are sold with 3 pairs. 

What do you think of my few items? Something you would wear? 

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  1. Oh wauw, die hoed is ZO mooi! Kleedje ziet er ook heel erg mooi uit, leuke aankopen!

  2. Oh kei leuk hoedje! Ik moet precies ook nog eens gaan!

  3. wat een prachtige hoed, daar houd ik echt van!

  4. Die hoed is werkelijk prachtig!
    Ik moet dringend naar Primark! :-D

    Liefs Astrid - Timeless Elegance

  5. Dat hoedje is zo schattig! Super leuk!! Ik vind die eerste foto ook erg leuk!