Hi guys, I hear you thinking 'finally an outfit again' Well I know but school asks for so much time that my blog isn't getting the attention it needs but thanks to my friend Laura I have a new outfit for you guys! Enjoy. 

Yesterday one of my best friends got her first tattoo and I got to hold her hand! But she stood strong and the tattoo looks perfect on her. After that we decide to shoot my outfit. Because the days are getting colder winter coats are a must. I'm wearing my favorite one at the moment. My camel color coat from the Primark. It's a very basic coat so it actually goes with everything! It's a very basic look but with my later pants it has that tough look. Also I finally began wearing my trapeze bag again. This outfit is perfect for an everyday look. 
Sneakers Adidas - Coat Primark - Sweater Zara - Handbag Unique - Watch Marc Jacobs - Pants Kilky 

So what do you think of this outfit?
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