Hi guys, today I'm here with a review from the brand E.L.F. maybe your heard about them and if not this will be an eyeopener. I ordered a few thing from this brand so this is the first review and a lot more are coming. Like you guys know I'm loving lipsticks at the moment and I heard some good things about these matte lip colors, because they are a budget lipstick I was curious to try them out. Curious about my opinion? 

My first color is Cranberry a perfect fall lipstick. Not to dark and not to bright. The brand has 10 different colors to choose from. From nude colors to darker red colors. For the people that don't know the brand E.L.F. stands for eyes, lips and face!
The packaging is very basic. Black and the bottom is in the same color as the lip color. Very handy when picking out your lipstick for the day. It's actually a lip pencil and the pigment is great and you only need one coat. When applying the lip pencil it feels very creamy but it becomes matte after a few seconds. It feels like you are applying a lipstick and not a pencil. 
They don't last an amazing amount of time but they are a perfect everyday lip pencil and it's so easy to throw this pencil into your bag and off you go. Just make sure to apply it from time to time. 

 For my second lip color I went for a brighter color called Rich red. Same packaging and look. 
I absulutly love this color. The pigmentation is great again! Like the other one it doesn't say an amazing amount of time. I'm loving my two colors and probably will be ordering some more in a nude color because I always stay in my red-zone and I need to try a nude color to see if it's something for me or not. 

My opinion: 
+ Colors are very pigmented 
+ Budget proof
+ Applies very smooth 
- Doesn't last long 

You can find these lip pencils for €4.00 on their website here

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