Hi guys, lately I was looking for a new brow kit, because my old one became to dark in my opinion. But I'm not a person that likes to spend a lot of money on it so the selection was limited. After a day of searching I came home with something that was totally unexpected, I bought myself a brow kit from H&M. Want to know what I think about this kit? Read everything in this article.  
H&M has a redone their beauty department with a lot of new products. I read some good and also less good review but I decided to buy this brow kit because well I needed one.. So what do I think? First of all: the packaging. Well, nothing special if you ask me. A plain black rectanglular shape with in the middle H&M writing is gold lettering. Nothing more nothing less. But after all it's the inside that is important! 
Now for the inside. You have two different shades of brow powder and one wax. I bought the Caramel kit and I use the middle color for my eyebrows. I find this a very natural color and perfect for daily make-up if I do consider to go out I would use my previous kit to go a bit darker just for the effect. I find that these colors are perfect for day time but for me a bit to light if I would go to a party. But that's my opinion. The wax is also very handy and easy to apply. I makes sure that your brows won't move for the day and that your powder will stay the whole day. 
A minus point is that at first it felt like an eyeshadow and not as a brow powder but after trying it a few times I got it in my hands and now I can apply is perfectly. But the texture is a bit different than I'm used to. 
What I do find disappointing is that there is no brow brush inside, no problem for me because I already own one, but if this is your first eyebrow set you have to go buy a brush separately and that may not be easy to find a good one. 

Left side how my brows are without powder. Right side how my brows are with the H&M kit 

You can find this eyebrow kit for €6.99 in store or online. 

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  1. Hey Felia!

    De kit ziet er echt veelbelovend uit! Jammer dat er inderdaad geen borstel bijzit. Maar de kwaliteit zou langs de andere kant toch niet super zijn. Voor zo'n borstel ga je beter voor Mac of een ander goed merk!

    Liefs Astrid (Timeless Elegance)