I was so excited for this box. I wanted to order a beauty box for ages but never found the perfect one. Until I saw the Styletone box on the blog iamafashioneer . She told us that the November box was a bigger one, so I decided to order for three months. Curious about my first box every? 

The box was quite heavy so I was very curious to find out what was inside. I thought it would have been a box in a box. But when I opened it… That was the box! First thing I saw was this little magazine that describes every product that is inside + price. As you can see it's a grabble box. I love this because you don't see the products all at the same time but you really have to 'find them'. 
Styletone promises you 5products, full size that aren't tried on animals. Perfect! 
Radiant Glow Mask from Evolve €13,30
First product I grabbed was this organic mask. I never hear about Evolve but that is the great thing about this box, you get to know more brands. 
It contains raw cacao and coconut and it smells like chocolate paste if you ask me! This product is like a detox for your skin. 
Bonus: it is for every skin type.  
A little 'swatch' from this product, so you can see what it looks like outside. You have to leave the mask for 5minutes and wash it off with warm water. 

Face care €5,99 
A rental facial wash gel, the product doesn't contain any shop and are based on herbal recipes. It removes impurities and has a mattifying effect on the skin. 
Only thing that is a bit sad is that the wash gel is for combination and oily skin, I have dry skin.. But I will definitely try it and otherwise it will be for my mom! 

24H cream €58,99
First of all… The price? Wow, when I saw the price I was even more curious about this product. Gilda is a Swedish skincare line. It's for every skin type, perfect! This cream should hydrate irritated skin. I tried it this morning and it works perfect, it hydrates very well and it's not sticky, it absorbs very quick. 
Bonus: the product is for day AND night, no more fuss about having two product. 

Matte lip tint by Cailyn €17,95
This is the only make-up product in this box, I was a bit sad because I was expecting a lot more make-up because that was one of the reasons why I ordered this box.. But hopefully the next box will have a lot more make-up? 
Anyway, now about the product. It's a matt lip tint. In the swatch below it wasn't matte because you have to wait a bit. But my mom tried it on and she told me it really stayed a long time and was matte. The tint is waterproof and is not sticky what I find great! I got the color Nudist and I love this color, something I haven't tried out before but I'm very excited! 

Bubble t hand cream €12,95
Last product is this hand cream. Perfect timing with the cold weather coming closer and closer. I have really dry hands in the winter so I was excited that their was a hand cream in the box. You had 3 different scents and I got the Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea. And I can say, it smells… Amazing! Like really amazing. Every hand cream is infused with goji berry extract, almond oil and shea butter. 

So this was my very first Styletone box. 
What I think about this box?
+ 5 full size products 
+ This box is worth €102 and I payed €15 
+ I loved all the products and got to know new brands
- I was a bit disappointed that there was only one make-up product

If you want to try this box yourself you can also support me by ordering your box trough my link: styletone and help me to get more points. 

I'm excited to see what I will get in the December month. 
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  1. I was never so interested in this boxes, but now sounds interesting. Yes just it is pity that you got just one make up product.