Hi guys! Today I'm here with something. Together with I have a fun Christmas special for you. Also I have a discount code for you, interesting right? 
A few years ago, I ordered myself my very first laptop skin. And when case app contacted me I knew what I would order. Here it is, my pretty marble skin. I can say I totally love it! Sometimes it almost looks like real marble if you ask me. Also a good plus is that when I removed my old one it left no marks on my laptop, I was so relieved because I was scared it would have left some marks, but nothing at all! 
Christmass is coming and finding gifts isn't always easy. Trust me I'm not that good with finding real good presents. But a costume phone case or skin for a laptop would be a great gift. That's why I summed up some ideas for you guys! 
You have a big verity within the models from the cellphones and laptops, you can even make a case for your iPad! And if you don't want to use a picture from your own, they have basic pictures where you will definitely find a picture you like. 
Perfect to cherish amazing moments in your life. 

Maybe this can be the great present for a close friend or maybe your loved one? If you use the discount code: FELIACASE20 you have a 20% discount on your purchase. If that isn't a good deal! My skin arrived after 1,5week. But I ordered it on a friday so I was expecting that. 


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