I guys, I'm here with a new fun and easy diy for you. In my previous post here you saw that I searched some calendars online and I told you I was going to do something fun with it. Today I'm making a clipboard from scratch to hang my calendar. Curious to see how you can make this? 

What do you need 
  • Clips (I got mine from the Hema, 6 for €2,50)
  • Marble designfolie or you could choose any foil you'd like 
  • Cardboard or like I used a steady shopping bag 
  • The calendar you like. See my previous post about free printable calendars here

Step one 
I didn't had any cardboard that was big enough, but I had a shopping bag that was made from thin cardboard. So I used that and attached some smaller cardboard on the back. To be more solid.
After that make your four sides more circled to make it look like a clipboard. 
Step two
Take your cardboard and lay it on top of your foil. Measure and cut of the access foil. 
Step three 
Now you are ready to stick the foil to your cardboard. The backside isn't that important but be sure the front looks good without any wrinkles. 
Step four 
Now measure the middle, where you want to attach your clip. Be sure to try it out before you glue it on. 
Step five 
Add some pressure so the glue and the clip will stick to your board. Leave it to dry before you attach your calendar to it. And there you go. Your calendar is ready to shine 
Look at this pretty calendar that was so easy to make! I'm ready for the new year now. 
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