Hi guys, last week I went shopping in the Primark to find a dress for New Year. I found some great items and can't wait to show them to you. 

Lace up tee €4
I'm loving the lace up trend lately. I bought a black one in the Primark a month ago, but when I saw this one I thought it would be a nice variation. It's a T-shirt with short sleeves. Also I hear you thinking: "What? €4??" Yes, it was the last piece so they asked only €4 for it to get rid of it. The T-shirt was in my size (I'm normally never that lucky) sow how lucky was I? 
Tee with beading €10 
I'm a fan when it comes to plain tshirts because you can combine them with everything. But when I saw this one with the flowers I thought it would give that extra touch and it does.
One shoulder velvet dress €14 
I already found my new years dress! YEY for me. I bought this one shoulder velvet black dress. I absolutely love it and it the fit is great. Perfect for dancing all night. I didn't thought I would find my dress there but I did so it' great and in budget. 
Leather legging €13 
I wear a lot of leather pants but after a while they aren't that pretty anymore so it was time for a new one. This is a legging one so it's very comfortable to wear. It' very skinny what I like and fit's perfectly. Now I have a new pair for this winter. 
Loose vest €23 
I wear a lot of loose vests in black but I wanted another one because the one that I already have is becoming a bit boring, wearing it all the time isn't that great. So now I can change from time to time.
Faux fur coat €40 
This was my most expensive item ever in the Primark. But I had to try it on when I saw it and after that I didn't wanted to take it off. I wore it a couple times already and got some lovely comments. It's not black for once, big shock I know! haha 
Scented Candle €4 
I love candles, mostly around Christmas. Together with a lovely christmas tree in the room. Also you can find amazing candles everywhere, but why pay €30 when you can buy one for €4? Right? Also I don't know if you noticed but it's huge. The packaging says it burns up to 60hours, I'm curious.
 Rose earring set €3
 I don't know if you noticed but I adore everything copper or rose. So when my mom showed me these I was totally in love. Now when I'm writing this, I'm actually wearing 3 pieces from this set (shows how much I love this color) 

Bar earrings €2 
I love how a pair of earrings can be different but still match, you know what I mean? Well this is an example. For the price I couldn't leave it behind. Perfect on daily basis and even a night out. 

Eyelash tshirt €15 
Now a shirt that's not from the Primak. So now you'll think: "what does this in your post?" Well, I bought this the same day and I absolutely love it! I normally don't wear T-shirts, but for this one, I'll make an exception. 

What do you think? Some pieces you like? 
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  1. I love your purchases! I'm pretty addicted to the lace-up trend so I'd definitely buy that shirt too. And that dress and faux fur coat, wow, wouldn't think they are from Primark! Xx

  2. oeh die jas en die oorbellen: super leuk! en dat laatste shirtje ook, al is die niet van primark!

  3. Leuke aankopen ben benieuwd hoe je het gaat combineren!