Today I'm here with a review from my latest lipstick that I got as a little present from my mom. I never heard from this brand before so I was very curious how it would be. I'm already loving this intense red! 
Pupa is an italian brand. They have 12 different colors in this lip fluid range. So there is something for everyone. I got number #073, a lovely red with a touch of coral. What I do regret is that the colors don't have names, it's all with number. Nothing wrong with that, but a fun name is always nice. 
De packaging looks amazing if you ask me. Normally with all the liquid lipsticks you always see the color. But with this one the only way you can see the color is by the little lip in the middle. Well found! 
Besides the matt finish the lipstick feels comfortable and soft on the lips. It doesn't give extra attention on the dry parts of your lip. But when I tried to apply the lipstick I noticed the big amount of liquid, to much I thought. But you need it, because the liquid drys very quick so you do need a big amount. But it's very pigmented. Yes I know, this sounds confusion… It's still confusion for me too. 

Now for the color: 
So this is the result on my lips. I'm very happy with this color. So thanks mom for this present! Also before writing this review I waited a whole day to be sure if it's long lasting and it is! I never had to touch it up. 

What I think about this lip fluid:
+ Original packaging 
+ Very pigmented 
+ Beautiful matt and feels good on the lips 
- You do need a lot of amount from this product because it dries very quick, because of that the product won't last very long before it would be empty. 
+/-  For me the price is okay, not to pricy and not to cheap

You can find the lip fluid for €17,95
My mom got this from her hairdresser that has a stand from this brand

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