Hi guys, today I'm here with a budgetproof eyeshadow palette from Max&More that you can buy at Action. When seeing this palette it reminds me of the Naked palettes. Would it be a good dupe or not? Keep on reading to find out.
First, the packaging: I find it pretty. Not amazing where you are like: OMG I'm going to faint. But I do find it beautiful. It's very neutral that really suits the palette 'nude'. Also the packaging looks like a naked dupe. It also has a magnetic close system, at the palette feels nice. I do find that important. 
Also what I liked is that on the back of the packaging and the palette itself you have a 5-step guideline on how to make an eye look. 
Now for the inside. You have two little make-up brushes that I'm going to throw away because I can't use these and you have a variety of 12 colors. What I do find disappointing is that first I was like 'good, the colors have names' but then I saw that the names were just written on the plastic protector. I do find that disappointing.. What I do like about this palette is that it has different kind of finishes so you have a good amount of variation. 
For the colors it self, I'm kinda happy with the pigmentation, especially for the price I paid: €1,99. YES! It was so cheap. There are some colors where the pigmentation isn't amazing, especially with the lighter colors. Also the color Silk and Sand? Where are you? But other colors like the last 6 colors and also taupe, frost and rosé make up for that. Also a really good plus is that the fallout is limited! I was so happy with that, because with cheap eye palettes you normally have a big amount of fall out. I'm really happy. I'm convinced that you can make good everyday eye looks with this palette. Also a good palette if you are a beginner and you don't want to spend a lot of money at once just to try eyeshadow out. 

What I think of this palette? 
+ It's very low budget 
+The pigmentation is great for the darker colors  
+ It doesn't have a lot of fall out 
+ Palette is cruelty free

- Names of the colors aren't written on the palette itself 
- Some colors aren't that pigmented, especially the lighter ones. 

You can find this eyeshadow palette in your local Action for €1,99

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  1. Toevallig gisteren nog bij de action geweest, maar deze niet gezien! Toch binnenkort nog maar een keertje langsgaan, haha. Ik ben toch best benieuwd :)

  2. voor de prijs is de pigmentatie echt super!

  3. Chic earrings :)
    Maria V.