Hi guys, I'm finally here with my unboxing of my second style tone box. It was sent the 10th December but it arrived the 23rd after wondering around with the mail. But now I finally have it in my hands. Curious to see what's inside and what I think about it? 

Because it arrived the 23rd of December I waited until Christmas to open it. So I had an extra present to unwrap. 
 So what we see it the little magazine that's always inside with the prices and more info about the product. There are 5 full size products inside. So let's get started! 
 Black head pore strip - €10 
First thing that I saw were these strips. You get 5 of them to try it out. When you see the packaging it's very simple and all in chinese except the title. You can use the mask for cleansing and removing blackheads and other impurities from your skin. It says it dries after 30min and you can peel it off afterwords. I heard good and bad things about this product so I'm curious to see how it works. They do say to remove it gentle because it can damage your skin if you peel it of to fast or to harsh. 
 Hikari eye shadow - €14,50
 I already saw an unboxing from other bloggers and I was hoping I wouldn't get the one with the green. Bummer, that's the one they send me. That's the thing with boxes like this, you don't know what you'll get. But besides the green the other 3 colors are perfect to try out. They say It's a quad for creating your ultimate smokey eye. Curious to try these out.  
 Paese nail polish - €6
Next up was this little nail polish. Paese promises a long lasting high gloss, a quick drying formula and a perfect coverage. My mom tried it already and it does give a great coverage but it's not that quick drying if you ask me. I do love the color that I got. A black color filled with silver glitter. Perfect for the holidays. 
 Gleam body radiance - €15 
This body radiance has to deeply moisturize your skin and makes it glow. They say you can use it to highlight features of your body like your shoulders, décolleté. It's a gold color but when you apply it the gold disappears and a nice highlighted glow remains. I think I would use this as a highlighter on my face instead of using it on my body.
 Starlooks long wear eyeliner pen - €18,50 
Last item of the box is this eyeliner pen. I received the color eggplant but I have to say it's quite dark and not eggplant. I would say it's more brown? The pen is strong so you can really create a good wing with this pen. It does last long, I've tried it. So I'm happy about that, but not really about the color. 
 You see what I mean by being brown instead of eggplant? 

If you want to try this box yourself you can also support me by ordering your box trough my link: styletone and help me to get more points. 

I'm excited to see what I will get in the month January. 
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