Hi guys! Because I'm in my finals I can't go out shooting some outfit posts. But no worries in a week I'm done with that and I can go back to blogging. By the title you know I'm going to share 10 things you probably don't know about me. Curious to see what these things are?

1. This year I started studying for kindergarten teacher after a lot of hesitation. I always said to myself I wanted to teach in elementary school but one month before I signed up I changed my mind and now I'm studying for kindergarten teacher (I don't regret that decision) 
2. I'm addicted to everything that is marble or copper. I want it all! 
3. For me the best food every is sushi. I discovered it by a friend, first I didn't liked it but after a few times…. If you want to make this girl happy, you know what to get her. 
4. I was very insecure, but this blog made that go away for a big part. Writing about things you love can do a lot, trust me. 
5. My favorite number is 9, it was my class number when I was younger and it always stayed in my head. 
6. When I'm on my instagram, most of the time I don't scroll down my feed but I'm always looking for new hotspots in my own city, country or other places to visit. And when I found one, I'm like the happiest person ever. 
7. I suck in history, in middle school I always failed that exam every year. That's why I chose a field with no history in it. And I feel a lot better now.  
8. I have one older brother, he's four years older than me. 
9. Every time I meet someone new I always here 'well Felia, never heard of that name before' It's like a basic sentence when you get to know me. And of course I always have to tell where my name comes from...
10. This year my best friend and I are going to jump out of a plain for our 21birthday. I'm already stressing out about that, but I can't wait for that experience. 

Now you have a better view of who I am. Did you like this post? Let me know!

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