To be honest I never heard about this tag before, what is kinda strange because I love Instagram. But when Lies from Precieslies nominated me I thought this would be great to look back at 2015. Curious for my recap of 2015 Instagram? 

#1 My last picture from 2015
I celebrated new year with a few friends and I had to make the dessert. That's why I made my famous Nutella brownies that everyone loves. I had to capture that before it was all eaten. 

#2 My first picture from 2015
After partying the night away and to get up real early for family parties. It was time for a hot chocolate with a huge amount of marshmallows. Delicious  

#3 The most fun picture where you can see myself 
This picture was taken on my 20th birthday, like duuuuuhh. I got my balloons on my back and enjoying some good music on my first ever Tomorrowland. When seeing this picture, it still gives me a good feeling, like I ruled the world that day.  

#4 A picture that makes me homesick 
When you are going on a holiday and you get the best seat in the plain and you can capture a blue sky. Nothing better if you ask me. This image makes me want to travel all the time, also this was one of the most amazing trips ever with my best friend, we went to Bulgaria. We made some good memories. 

#5 The picture with the most likes 
A picture from myself, actually a picture that I do like myself. This isn't from that long ago, because my likes went up just a few months ago. 

#6 The most delicious picture 
The most delicious picture, from the most delicious food ever. This picture was taken when one of my best friends and I ordered a sushi lunch box. This really tasted amazing, from that day, I adored sushi. 

#7 My most fun animal picture 
March 15th when this little cutie came into our lives. A beautiful french bulldog named Nelson (I choose the name) This is a picture when we took him home in the arms of my brother. He looks amazingly cute in this picture, don't you think?

#8 My most used app to edit my pictures 
In 2015 I changed my Instagram feed a lot. I went from bright pictures to a bit more darker with a brown undertone. I prefer my new feed and for this I use the app ' Rookie Cam' and the filter 'Yuki'.

#9 The hashtags I used the most 
I think the most used hashtags are the 'typical' ones like: outfit, qotd,… I also used my own blog hashtag #timeandglam and my dogs hashtag #nelsonethefrenchie a lot! 

#10 My favorite Instagram accounts 
I have a lot of favorite accounts, But when I have to say 3 from last year I would say: 

I hope you enjoyed this little 2015 Instagram recap. At least I enjoyed it. Now it's my turn to choose a few people to fill in this tag. I nominate Sinem from Itsjustadetail , Esmée from Esmeelifestyle and Mandy from Mandypeiree. Now it's up to you guys. Also thank you Lies for nominating me. 
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  1. Hi! Leuk dat je de tag hebt ingevuld, maar zou je mij nog als bron in je artikel kunnen toevoegen als bedenker van de tag? Dankjewel!