Hi guys, my two weeks of vacations has started. After studying for a month I deserved some shopping time if you ask me. Perfect time to stop by the Primark. Curious to see what I took home with me? 

 Laced-up tee €11
A black and white striped tee with laced-up details. What more can you ask for? It's a basic tee but the laced-up trend really adds something special. I love wearing this trend, so when I saw this. I was sold! It has short sleeves and the fabric is really nice, a bit loose fitted also. 

 Ivory blouse €16
This blouse is my favorite clothing piece that I took home. It looks so classic and fragile. It fits beautifully. I was bummed they only had it in Ivory, I would loved to have this style in multiple colors. 

Black blouse €13
A black blouse, always something black.. I know! But I loved the laced-up detail in the back, also lace will do it every time. It's very basic so easy to combine. You had this style in different colors.

 Blending sponge €2.50
I use a blending sponge to blend my concealer, I already had one from the Primark and that lasted for a long time so I wanted to try these new ones. They look good just for concealer. Will try them out very soon. 

 Earphones €3
I always buy my earphones at the primark, great quality for the price. But they don't have them all the time. And now they just had these diamond ones, well, this will do for a while! 

Copper hangers €4 a pack (5 pieces) 
My favorite thing of this haul. The previous time I went to the Primark they said that these hangers were sold out (I saw it on an instagram of a girl) I was so bummed, like I adore copper, so I had to have these. When I was walking past the home-departement I saw something shining and yeeeeessss there were back! So I took 15with me! I'm a very happy girl right now. Never thought hangers could give me that amount of joy! 

Is it friday yet? Mug €2.50
Tea, I love tea and when you can drink it in a mug with a funny sentence, that makes it even better. You have to sides on the mug with two different sentences. When I saw this mug I thought it screamed 'Instagram', don't you think? Well I think I know what mug I'll drink my tea out tonight. 

Water bottle €4
My very first water bottle. You all know I love copper. And when I saw it had something copper in it, I was sold.  I just love the simplicity but it still has a cute factor. I will use this a lot I think, mostly in the summer. They had a lot of water bottles already, and when I say a lot, I mean… a lot! Something for everyone! But I did had to search for one that wasn't damaged. So make sure to check that out before purchasing one. 

Tote bag €1
I love tote bags, especially with fun messages on it. They had a lot of different types with different quotes, letters,… You also had different sizes. But this one I liked the most. Perfect when I have to take a lot of books to school. And for the price, I couldn't leave it behind. This tote bag was in sale! 

What do you think of the things that I took home with me?
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  1. Oh leuk! Moet precies ook nog eens langs gaan, zo veel leuks!

  2. wat een toffe dingen zoals die tas en mok! maar ook dat streepjes shirt is helemaal mijn ding!