The first box of 2016. I was very excited, especially because this month my box actually came on time, not like my box from last month. Getting this box is like a present for myself, from myself. Ready to discover what's inside? Keep on reading you guys.
In the december box (unboxing here) we got an aubergine eyeliner. But my eyeliner looked brown, remember? A week ago another december box arrived at my home because they thought my other box was missing (I got two after all) In the second one that I got there was indeed an aubergine eyeliner. I thought that the other one was bad. But in this little note that they added, they tell us that there was indeed a fault from the Starlooks brand. There were brown eyeliner put in aubergine packaging. If you know what I mean? Well to make that up to us, we got an extra item in our january box. An extra eyeliner, a black eyeliner and this one works great. I really appreciate this! 
Cailyn Bright on Eye Balm €15
I was very happy when I saw there was an eye primer in the box because I needed a new one asap. This eye balm says that it's not only a primer but it conceals, defines and brightens. So that means that the eye balm is a multitasker! I like this. I'm very excited to try this out but it looks good so far.
Pixi Lid & Line €17.95
I was so excited for this product. It's a 3in one product. Perfect to create an eye look. You have a plum eye shadow, a smudger to blend it all together and an eyeliner to finish of the look. That sounds amazing and I love the packaging and the color of it. And when I wanted to try it out… The disappointment kicked in. It wasn't all pretty plum color as they told, but it was brown. Very brown. (Picture beneath) I contacted Styletone and they confirmed that the color on the box is not the exact same color as inside of the packaging. I don't understand why Pixi would sell this as a plum color, why not send it as brown? I don't get it. You see what I was talking about? It's no way near plum color?

Kost Creamy Blush €4.00
A blush, well I needed one, but I'm not such a fan of cream blushes.. They recommend to apply the blush with your index finger to warm the blush up so it will glide on easily. I got the color number 05. First thing that bothers me is that I couldn't get the packaging to open… It was so hard but when it finally opened I was surprised by the very bright color. I thought it would be to bright, but when I swatched it I really liked the color. Even though I'm not a cream blush fan, I will definitely try it out. 
Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigments €19.95
I was a bit disappointed when I saw this.. Another blush? Like, why would you put two blushes in the same box? But okay, nothing we can do about that. When I opened it I was like "WOW, what a bold color." I got the color Cake Pop, well yes, the color really pops! This Pong Pong pot is a hydrating cream for the lips and cheeks. So it's not exactly the same like the previous blush. They say that if you want a subtle look on the lips you can apply it with your finger, if not you can apply it with a brush. With what's left on your finger you can apply that on your cheeks for a glow. I do find it a bit expensive, but I understand you get like two products in one so. 
 INSPR Duo Brow Highlighter €10.95
I was so happy when I saw this product, exactly what I needed right now. Because I bought a new eyebrow kit, a brow highlighter comes in handy and it also looks great. The pencil applies really well and very smooth. They say that you should use the pink shade to highlight your eyebrows, so they will look cleaner and apply the shimmer shade for extra definition. I do like the shimmer shade but I think the highlighter is maybe a bit to dark for me? I don't know. Maybe if a use a tiny bit it will be okay. But the shimmer will be on my brows, very soon. 

What I think about this box?
Well, it is a nice box. But I was disappointed because we got two blushes. One would have been enough. Also I don't know if you noticed but there are a lot of pen(cil) products. Maybe a bit to much. I do like the eyebrow pen, the eye balm and even the Pong Pong pot because I will use it for my lips. The blush I will have to try out, but the color I love. The Pixie Lid&Line is so disappointing. 
Conclusion: I have mixed feelings about this box. But I do give Styletone credits for the extra liner they put inside. 

This is my last box, because I ordered for 3 months. I was so sure that I would extend it but now with this box.. I don't know. I will think about it. But if you want to order a box you can order through this Link so I can save some extra points for an extra box that I can review. 

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  1. Some nice stuff in there, I think this box is well filled!

  2. I love the boxes.. I have a 6 month-in-a-row package :D and I would definitively extend it :) I love the fact that al these products are cruelty free..

    BUT, styletone will get a mail filled with my dissatisfaction about the liner.. Again..