Last Sunday it was Valentines Day. The day we celebrate love. Well besides food at the moment I don't have a person besides me. A day like any other I thought but that changed quickly. I got invited to celebrate valentines day with a brunch from Albert Heijn. 
Together with my mom we were invited to this place called 'Plastron' a nice space right besides the water in Antwerp. I was happy that I could share this moment with her and celebrate valentines day with my mom, my loved one. 
When we arrived we chose a nice table that was perfectly decorated in the valentine spirit. We even got a little love letter. This table made us feel love already! 
Let's eat! There was a lot of chose. Different kinds of bread, croissants,.. Well I'm a sucker for granola. I can eat it every day and one of the products that I adore from AH is the granola. You know where you could have found me, haha. Together with some fruit and yoghurt. Everything was delicious and everyone was so kind. 
Leaving without flowers wasn't an option here. I chose this lovely pink bouquet (there were all pink btw). But these were the ones that I preferred. Right now these are shining in my room.  

Maybe you were wondering why I haven't posted in over a week.. Well last monday I lost my grandmother, she pasted away one week before she turned 85. So my head wasn't into blogging (I hope you understand) But I still wanted to share some things with you guys that's why I'm sharing you this brunch from last week. Because this brunch reminded me how much we can love people and that we have to show them, not only on valentines day, but everyday. Because one day you'll wake up and someone won't be there anymore. Even though  I saw her the day before she passed away, I'm still stuck with the feeling that I didn't show my love to her enough. I know she knew how much I cared. But I never thought she would have left us this soon. That's why we all have to appreciate the people we love and care about. You can never say ' I love you' enough. Because one day you can't say it in person anymore.  I'm going to miss her so much. But the memories will stay strong, forever. 

A big thanks to Albert Heijn and Xian Agency for having us. 
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  1. Heel veel sterkte Felia! Het is ook fijn te lezen dat je je mama meenam naar de brunch, zo lief.

  2. wat ziet het er onwijs leuk uit!