Hi everyone, welcome to my blog again! Today I'm here because I want to explain you something. Lately I'm getting a lot of questions about my Instagram, and the most common one is: 'How do you edit your pictures?' Well today is the day that I'm about to explain my photo editing.

My Instagram feed went through a lot of changes the past two years. I was looking for a feed and color palette that suits me. After trying the 'bright' pictures for a while I changed to darker and more brown-toned pictures. And now I'm so happy with my feed. And it's not that difficult to do it yourself. 

I got the questions on what kind of app I use, what kind of filter. And even in what kind of order to you post. If you like to know all about that. You are at the right post. 

First what I use is a filter from iPhone itself. When I take a picture and there is enough light in the room I use the filter: Fade. It prepares your picture for some editing and it gives a nice brown look to you picture (depends from your setting/light). But most of the time I want to add a little extra and that's when my editing app comes to shine. Now I don't use the VSCO cam app like post people do. Why not? Well I don't want the same kind of pictures as everyone else. So I use a very different app called: Rookie cam. I use that app for a while now and it really gives me what I want. I use the filter: Yuki 

                  Iphone filter: Fade                                    Rookie cam: Yuki

Now how I upload my pictures: I usually think about what would look nice beside the previous picture and what kind of picture that will be underneath the new one. So I don't have two quotes pictures above each other or two selfies. You just have to see what would look nice and what tells a story about yourself. 

I hope you had something about this post and maybe this app/ filter is something for you.  

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  1. Wat grappig, ik had nog nooit van die app gehoord, ik ga 'm meteen bekijken! Je hebt een erg mooie feed! x

  2. Leuk artikel! Ik kijk ook altijd eerst naast en boven welke foto ie komt. Grappig!