Hi loves, Lately I'm getting more and more in the mood to make delicious breakfasts that are actually good for you. The last few years it could care me less, but now.. Total life changer. So today I'm here with my all time favorite breakfast that I love to change a bit from time to time. Curious to see for what I come out of bed in the morning? 

First thing that you notice is the jar. Well I love to make my breakfast a bit different. Even if it means that I don't eat in a cereal bowl but in a mason jar. And I must say, when I bought this my dad didn't understand why I would want to eat out of this. But it gives that little extra and I adore it.

Now my favorite breakfast for the past year is granola with almond yogurt.
Why? Well you have so many different options with this. You can find so many granola's. With red fruit, chocolate, nuts,.. You name it, they have it! 
I usually go for the natural one or the one with fruit in it. Also I prefer almond yoghurt because it has an amazing taste. 

What kind of brand do I choose? Well when I see granola from the Albert Heijn, I'm sold. They are delicious. But a few weeks ago my mom bought some granola in the Hema in the Netherlands. And I must say, I really like that one too. 
Now after your granola and yoghurt, the fun really begins. Now it's all up to you. You can put in whatever you want. But to give you an idea I will tell you what I add to my granola in the morning.
- Different kind of nuts: Walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds
- Dried fruits: cranberries, Goji berries, coconut  
- Seeds: Poppy seeds 
- Puffed quinoa 
Extra: Banana or blueberries  

Maybe this can be your breakfast for the morning?
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