I was looking for a new highlighter and I never tried a liquid one before. So a reason more to try that out. I first saw the Benefit one, but because I didn't know if I would like a liquid highlighter, I wanted to try a budget one first. So I bought this one from W7. Curious to see if this a good dupe or not? 

W7 night glow highlight & illuminate
Now for the packaging. I do like this, it looks like a nail polish pot. When this came in the mail and my mom saw this, she first thought it was a nail polish. She was like: "Felia, are you sure it isn't a nail polish?" "Yes mom, I am." You get 10ml of liquid highlighter, a good amount because you don't need a lot. This one will last a long time, especially for me because I don't use highlighter all the time. 
The color, I love it. A light pink highlighter. Perfect for me to try out. The brush applies the fluid real nice and it blends good. I was afraid that because of the 'brush' you would see a line on my face, even after blending. But that didn't happen, YEY! the highlighter gives a nice glow on your face, a subtle glow, perfect for everyday use. I think I will use this a lot more than I first thought when purchasing this. 

What I think about this highlighter?
+ Budget proof
+ Easy to apply because of the brush 
+ Stays a whole day on your cheekbone 
+ A nice everyday glow 
- It is a subtle glow, so if you like full glow. This product isn't really for you. Because when you want to build it up, you might end up with looking pink, instead of glowy.  

I bought this Night Glow at for €4,99

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